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Dear Macedonians,


I want you to know that I am glad that you expressed an interest in uniting in corporate fasting and intercession with your brothers and sisters during this Lenten Season. Let me first give you the sincere motive behind what God is calling us to do at this time. God is doing “great and mighty” things in our midst- calling us to a higher level of intimacy and relationship with Him. God is calling us to deeper level of commitment and faithfulness. His desire has always been that we have a consistent and fruitful walk with Him. The cares, frustrations, obligations, commitments, circumstances and trials of this life can cause us to pull away from God. This season is a time of reflection, refreshment and rejuvenation in our walk with Him.


I pray that you will commit to this fast and let us WATCH GOD MOVE in a mighty ways. We’re looking for saved souls, changed lives, better marriages, restored relationships, financial breakthroughs, gifts and calling revealed, purpose and destiny manifested. Whatever you need God to do He can do it through this time of fasting and prayer. We pray that you also join us daily for prayer and consecration.


We look forward to you joining us and seeing you.



Because the mandate is great,



S. J. Brown, Jr.

Senior Pastor/Teacher

What is FASTING?


It Restores Relationship

Fasting can bring a distant heart back in close connection with the Father. He seeks communion with you, and fasting can initiate that.


It Brings Revival

Fasting can ignite the dimming flame in a weary spirit that was once burning bright within. You and God can get back to the place of intimacy and passion- where you once were.


It Refreshes Your Spirit

Fasting can bring living water and nourishment.  Fasting can be a reset for Christian walk and allowus to see things from God's perspective. 


It Deepens Your Faith

Fasting can deepen your relationship with God by fulfilling your emotional and spiritual needs. The Lord exposes your deficiencies and shortcomings, resulting in a broken spirit before God, and gives Him the chance to mold you according to His Master Plan.


What are we to do while fasting?

We will refrain from the excessive use of television, radio, secular reading materials, and phone conversation.


We will refrain from eating favorite foods and overeating. This includes dining in all restaurants. Take the time to cook the permitted meals for your families.


We are also fasting from non-productive habits, conversations, and places.

Fasting Options

Option 1


Daniel Fast

Liquids: Water and all 100% fruit juices.

Meats: NONE.

Fruits: All fruits, especially exotic ones.

Vegetables: All; fresh or cooked

Option 2


February 17 – February 27

Fast from 12:00 mid – 6:00 am

February 29 – March 12

Fast from 12:00 mid – 12:00 noon

March 14 – March 26

Fast from 12:00 mid to 6:00 pm

Option 3


Week 1: No Sweets

Week 2: No Fried Foods

Week 3: No Starches

Week 4: No Red Meat

Week 5: No Meat

Week 6: Total Fast from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

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