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Our Legacy

With a history spanning more than a 135 years Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church has been the recipients of a multitude of blessing from God.  One of those blessings has been that we have been graced with strong leadership.   

Reverend G. J. Clark

Reverend Rowlin

Reverend George Lowe

Reverend Ponder

Reverend J. J. Daniel

Reverend W. H. Simpson

Reverend J. H. Hurley

Reverend H. H. Dyer

Reverend J. L. Freeman

Reverend J. C. McCurry

Reverend E. Stephens

Reverend W. J. Mosley

Reverend E. Collins

Reverend James Hawkins

Pastor Carlton D. Mathis

Pastor Tyrone D. Lane

Pastor S. J. Brown, Jr.* 

Senior Pastor/Teachers

Assistant Pastors

Reverend Grant Kelly

Reverend Grady Head^

Reverend Nathaniel Lewis

Associate Ministers

Reverend Cynthia Marks *

Minister Jeff Davis

Minister Tony Roberts

Minister Charles Kirkland

Minister LaShanda Mathis

Minister Erika Lackey

Reverend Ola Mae Franklin*

Minister G. J. Clark

Minister Willie Smith

Minister Willie B. Pettigrew*

Minister Helen Pitts

Pastor Norman Smith*

Minister Ryan Hugley*

Minister Antonia Smith*

Reverend Dorothy Smith*

Minister Richard Freeman^

* - Currently Serving

^ - Deceased

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