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C.L.A.S.S. 201

We strongly believe that to be all God wants us to be we must make some basic commitments. In CLASS 201, we learn how to develop habits of spiritual discipline in our lives which build our faith and prayer life. Our understanding of God’s Word raises the level of our relationship with other Christians. As part of the family of God we need to grow; it is His plan that we grow.


If you have been a Christian for many years or are a brand new believer just beginning your walk, this class is for you. CLASS 201 is held on a regular basis and is open to those that have completed CLASS 101 (all classes build on one another).


We focus on four specific areas in CLASS 201

  1. Daily Quiet Time: We learn the importance of spending quality time alone with our Father. Prayer is our conversation with God.

  2. Daily Bible Reading: We talk about the value of memorizing scripture and learning to study the Bible.

  3. Tithing: Learning that everything belongs to God and we are to give back to him with a cheerful heart.

  4. Fellowship: Our relationship to God is directly related to your relationship to others. We build relationships with others by connecting in ministries. 

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